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NSCA Platinum Partners

The NSCA Foundation Platinum Partner Program recognises key people and organisations within industry that have the capability to influence change and wish to be involved in the forefront of risk elimination within all levels and areas of business.


Ansell Protects Hands

Hansen Yuncken, one of Australia’s largest construction firms, is carrying out a major extensions to the Burwood campus of Victoria’s Deakin University.

The site foreman at the university construction site, Jason Malouhos, says the company is anxious to increase the level of safety for its workers and reduce the number of injuries and lost time throughout its projects.

“We have recently introduced a ‘glove and clip policy’ to encourage broad acceptance of the need for hand protection,” Mr Malouhos says.

“This way, whether or not the worker wishes to wear gloves, they always have the right hand protection available for any task.”

“Ansell introduced us to a number of alternative protection solutions. We found that while the Ansell medium-duty gloves are quite suitable for onsite management staff, their ActivArmr® Heavy Laborer Glove and the ActivArmr®Carpenter Glove are ideal for many of the tough manual tasks found on our sites.”

“Our people have found these gloves enable them to carry out their tasks easily and, just as important, are easy on their hands.”

“They’re a real upgrade from the bulky riggers’ gloves which we have been accustomed to for the last 20 years, and which haven’t given us any flexibility of style for the task being undertaken.”

“With the task-specific ActivArmr gloves we now have a glove that’s comfortable for the work, and avoids the frustration caused by the old gloves, which often had restricted movement and a lack of feel for those activities that require finer hand movements.”


Congratulations and welcome aboard to ASC, our newest Platinum Partner!


Jamie Burrage (right), General Manager NSCA Foundation presents the Platinum Partner plaque to Andrew Simmonds (left), GM, WHS&E and Quality Manager at ASC. is a company dedicated to driver safety and education. We provide free state-specific learners practice tests, written specifically based on the official driver’s manuals, as well as an FAQ section with answers to 100+ questions about getting your driving licence in Australia. Aussie-Driver is a part of Elegant E-Learning, Inc., an eight-year old company with a proven track record of revolutionizing online resources for learner drivers. Aussie-Driver is part of a plan to improve global driver safety by making free practice tests written by experts available to anyone who wants to study, along with online copies of official study guides. To help achieve this goal, the company has also created driving practice sites for the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and India.





Fire & Safety Australia

Our Purpose – ‘To forever change safety in the world…One experience at a time’.
Our Values – Be memorable, thirst for improvement, passion for safety, commitment to our team and clients.

Welcome to Australia’s leading provider of emergency response services and emergency response & safety training. With a range of emergency services officers and emergency response/safety trainers employed across the country, we have well over 400+ years of emergency services experience within our company.

Fire & Safety Australia provides nationally accredited certificates through our Registered Training Organisation (No. 22250) and we have held ISO9001-2008 Quality Certification for more than 4 years.

All actions of our company are based on our vision for the future and the core values that we live by



GIO Workers Compensation

Focussing on Health and Wellbeing

Most organisations are well aware of the risks of unsafe environments or activities, such as heavy lifting and dangerous machinery. Many, however, have not yet grasped less-obvious risks such as stress and other unhealthy lifestyle factors.

Employees can easily suffer from poor mental, physical and/or social health if, for instance, they work in a high-stress environment and/or neglect their fitness. This can have serious impacts on their wellbeing—and their performance.

As part of Australia’s largest personal injury insurance group, GIO Workers Compensation understands the magnitude of these issues and the importance of proactively offering support.

“Like many office-based operations, the risk of injury from hazards and activities is not as pronounced in our workplace. However, managing the impacts of stress, poor work/life balance, and mental and physical health problems are among our biggest health and safety issues,” said Chris McHugh, the executive general manager, statutory portfolio & underwriting management at GIO Workers Compensation.

“Employees who struggle with these pressures will not be as happy in the workplace and can be less productive as a result. We undertook a program to indentify theses issues in our workplace and what we could do to support our staff,” said McHugh said.

GIO Workers Compensation, as part of Suncorp Group, took part in a ‘Work Ability’ survey as well as a company-wide census to gain an insight into the workforce. It identified several opportunities, such as including instituting flexible working arrangements like part-time roles and job-sharing, and providing workers with the technological ability capacity to work from home. The workloads of these staff were adjusted to ensure the demands made on them were realistic and reasonable.

GIO has initiated several programs to form a longer-term Safety and Wellbeing Strategic Plan. The Statutory division is also participating in the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWAR) Corporate Champions program to help manage the impacts of an ageing workforce.

The Employee Assistance Program is a support service available to all staff provided by Assure Programs. It provides independent and confidential counselling on a range of wellbeing and work/life-balance issues.

The staff intranet also includes access to advice on a variety of topics, such as nutrition, exercise, stress and anxiety management, sleep health, and healthy workplace habits. The Suncorp Group Social Club holds events for and provides discounts to members to benefit their life outside work.

“We have been able to develop a range of schemes, support tools, health programs and advice on healthy living to improve wellbeing, as well as the Desktop Anywhere system to create a flexible work environment for staff. The results have been very encouraging,” said McHugh.

“For instance, we’ve found that workers in flexible arrangements are 11 per cent more engaged than those who are not. Quite simply, it’s beneficial for both employees and organisations to take these issues seriously,” said McHugh.


Greencap is the largest integrated risk management and compliance company in Australia. We know risk and compliance better than most – and we manage it well. Whether it is people, property or environment, our broad range of services will help you to understand and manage your risk profile, and get back to getting on with business.

Experts in every field of compliance, with over 380 professional, technical and engineering staff based in 13 offices throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia, we service thousands of private and government clients in the education, property, resources, industrial, manufacturing, retail and services sectors. This comprehensive network enables us to serve our clients locally, think globally, and be where you need us, when you need us.

With well-known entities in the risk sector – Noel Arnold & Associates (now GreencapNAA), AEC Environmental, and Environmental and Licencing Professionals (ELP) all now part of the Greencap stable, we bring a strength and longevity of service that our competitors find hard to match. Furthermore, as part of the Wesfarmers group of companies, we have the capital backing and balance sheet depth to partner with you on any project – big or small.

When you partner with Greencap, and use our integrated service offerings, you will benefit from one team of specialists, under one contract, all in alignment – saving you money and saving you time.

Healthdirect Australia

First established in 2006 as the National Health Call Centre Network Ltd (NHCCN), Healthdirect Australia is jointly funded by the Council of Australian Governments. We are a public company, limited by shares, and responsible for delivering services by contracting with service providers and managing ongoing operations.

Healthdirect Australia provides all Australians with access to health information and advice. No matter where people live, or what time of the day or night it is, they can talk to a health professional, find trusted advice online about the appropriate care for their health issue and find the closest local services that are open when they need them.

Our services support many Australians who would otherwise need to travel great distances to their nearest health practitioner. This support also extends to those living in the suburbs and those who find it easier to access initial support from home, either online or over the phone. Healthdirect Australia’s vision is to be a key part of a quality Australian health system by helping consumers manage their own health through leveraging technology to enable timely access to health and related services.

Move 4 Life

Move 4 Life



News Corp Australia

News Corp Australia





Queensland Rail

Smart People

The Safety Motivated Action Resource Teams (SMART) initiative began at Queensland Rail in 2010. Within 12 months, around 300 teams were working toward implementing safety improvements. Each SMART is a voluntary two-to- six-person team of employees, responsible for identifying and addressing basic safety issues locally, with a budget for safety improvements. The SMART program has boosted the safety culture within QR by empowering our employees to develop safety initiatives that actively contribute to the safety of their own workplaces. The team initiatives are developed in conjunction with all employees in each workplace. SMART also promotes sharing safety initiatives that have been developed and implemented by each team across the business.

The SMART initiative aims to:

  • reduce the incidence of injury and illness across the organisation
  • provide each QR employee with a rewarding sense of achievement, knowing that because of his or her efforts, safety in his or her own and others’ work areas has improved
  • give employees opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from other areas to address safety issues that have everyday impact; and
  • improve QR employees’ knowledge of incident reporting and safety risk management processes.

Identifying and resolving hazards at workplace level has resulted in widespread improvement in safety culture across our entire business as well as a reduction in workplace hazards and associated risks, near-misses and injury/illness.

The SMART initiative is now part of ‘business as usual’, with 30 per cent of QR employees now actively taking part in the program.

Ramsay Health Care

Ramsay Health Care

Safe Work Australia

Safe Work Australia

Sparke Helmore Lawyers

Sparke Helmore Lawyers is a firm of 600 people working from nine offices across Australia, serving the needs of the insurance, government, financial services, mining, construction and property sectors. Our expertise spans corporate and commercial to construction, workplace to insurance, IP to IPOs, mining to manufacturing, and property to procurement.

Our Workplace Group is comprised of safety, industrial and employment experts who take a practical approach to advising executives, managers, government decision-makers and their organisations on how to create and manage productive, flexible and safe workplaces. The firm is also a Global Safety Index (GSI) Foundation 100 member. GSI is the world’s first global safety benchmark service and gives its members, in a single online destination, the ability to record, measure, benchmark and track, safety performance across critical safety performance indicators.

Our safety expertise includes:

  • Bullying—risk management, policy development, training, internal investigations, executive liability and briefings, claim and dispute management, alternative dispute resolution and litigation
  • Commissions of inquiry—Royal Commissions and coronial inquiries
  • Contractor management—system, contract and document reviews
  • Coronial inquests and inquiries—investigation, requests for information, communications, employee interviews, submissions and defences
  • Due diligence—policy and procedure, regulatory compliance, audits and inspections
  • Fatigue management—investigation, compliance, requests for information and strategies for inquests
  • Food safety—food safety regulations, food handling, contamination and liability
  • Improvement & prohibition notices—investigation, strategy, internal review, mediation, litigation and appeals
  • Incident response and management—Safety Incident Response Hotline, 20 minutes free telephone advice and request for investigations
  • Legal briefings & training—WHS legal briefings for senior executives and boards and WHS training for staff and managers, including court simulations and regulator interview simulations
  • Policies and procedures—codes of conduct and workplace, drug and alcohol, bullying and appropriate workplace behaviour policies
  • Regulatory investigations & prosecutions—investigation and enforcement actions, communications, employee interviews, submissions and defences
  • Safety governance & assurance—regulatory compliance, policies and procedures, executive briefings and training
  • Safety litigation & dispute resolution—claim and dispute management, dispute strategies, executive liability and briefings, alternative dispute resolution and litigation
  • Transport chain of responsibility—advice on regulations, improvement and infringement notices, supervisory intervention orders, licensing and registration sanctions, prohibition orders and penalties

Star Entertainment Group

Star Entertainment Group







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