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What type of safety training does the NSCA have?

The NSCA offers a complete range of safety training from awareness courses to the Diploma in WHS. From two hours to one year we have a substantial public training calendar in each state and all of our courses are available onsite at your place of business. Training can be customised to fit your business needs.

How can I find out more about the NSCA's safety training?

View a full list of public training courses or call us on 1800 655 510 to talk to a NSCA Training Expert

Is on-site training available?

On-site training is available and is a very cost effective way to train your employees. Contact the NSCA Business Management Team on 1800 655 510 to discuss your needs.

Can I use my businesses policies and procedures?

Yes you can when the training is for your staff only or is onsite at your place of business; in fact we encourage you to use your businesses policies and procedures, documents etc. to make the training more relevant.

NSCA Foundation Events

What events does the NSCA Foundation run?

Member Connects: are a networking and professional development event usually consisting of three speakers and held at the offices of NSCA Foundation members in each state or region. Safety Connects are free for NSCA Foundation members.

Breakfast Forum Series: High profile speakers or a panel of experts present and discuss key OHS/WHS issues over breakfast usually at a convenient city location.

National Safety Awards of Excellence: A gala luncheon held each October in Sydney celebrating the finalists and winners of Australia’s premier safety awards OHS&E awards.

What are Member Connect events?

The NSCA Foundation facilitates networking meetings to provide OHS/WHS professionals with an opportunity to meet and discuss a range of current workplace health and safety issues.

Member Connect events are fantastic opportunities exclusively for our members to come together to network with and learn from other like-minded, safety conscious individuals and organisations.

At these events we invite three safety representatives from different industries to share their experiences and perspectives in strengthening the safety of their workplaces. Take away from Member Connect events resources, tips and motivation to achieve more in your environment.

Contact us on 1800 655 510 to be involved in these network events.

Consulting & Auditing

What consulting services does the NSCA offer?

Our related company, Greencap, offers a broad range of consulting and auditing solutions, from ergonomic desk assessments, to the development and implementation of OHS/WHS management systems. Please visit the Greencap website for further information.

NSCA Foundation Platinum Program

What is the NSCA Platinum Partner Program?

The NSCA Foundation Platinum Partner Program is an exclusive (invitation only) membership which brings together key business stakeholders in solving safety and risk issues through information and discussion with like minded peers. The membership is capped at twenty (20) although a waiting list is available.

Who should be a NSCA Foundation Platinum Partner?

Any business with a high level commitment to assuring the protection of their most import asset – people through safe working practices should consider becoming a Patron.

How do I become a NSCA Platinum Partner?

The NSCA Foundation Platinum Partner Program is an invitation only. You can however express your interest with the NSCA Foundation General Manager by calling 1800 655 510 or contact the NSCA Foundation to be contacted by the CEO.

What will I get if I become a NSCA Platinum Partner?

The benefits of being a Platinum Partner are listed in the Platinum Partner section of our website.

NSCA Safety Awards of Excellence

What is the NSCA Safety Awards of Excellence?

The National Safety Awards of Excellence are Australia’s premier national safety awards program, celebrating organisations and people that recognise WHS as a cornerstone of elite business performance.

Who should sponsor the NSCA Safety Awards of Excellence?

Anyone looking to expose their brand to key stakeholders in blue chip organisations and OHS/WHS and risk management professionals from Australia and international locations.

How do I sponsor the NSCA Safety Awards of Excellence?

The NSCA has varying sponsorship levels available for the National Safety Awards of Excellence which include event sponsorship to individual categories. Call 1800 655 510 to speak to our events team about sponsorship.

When are the NSCA Safety Awards of Excellence?

The awards are always held in early October each year in Sydney.

What do I get as a sponsor of the NSCA Safety Awards of Excellence?

The benefits of sponsorship of the National Safety Awards of Excellence vary depending on the level of sponsorship.

Why should I apply for a Safety Award?

A National Safety Award of Excellence demonstrates to your peers and customers your businesses commitment to the protection of your most important asset – people.

Being a National Safety Awards of Excellence finalist or winner can result in increased business opportunities and attract more competent and skilled staff because they know they will be safe.

How do I submit an application for an award?

The process for application is detailed on the How to apply page.

Who judges the NSCA Safety Awards of Excellence?

The National Safety Awards of Excellence are judged by an independent panel of key OHS/WHS industry professionals. Most of the judges are key representatives from varying organisations that are committed to safety and have worked in the industry for a long time.

Who are some of the previous winners of these awards?

View information on the NSCA past winners here.

Legal services

What legal services does the NSCA offer?

The NSCA provides privileged and confidential expert witness services to and for any business or legal organisation/representative. The NSCA can review your existing systems, workplace environment and/or investigate an incident on your behalf to provide advice on compliance and the strategy to address gaps in your OHS/WHS management.

The NSCA is here to support and facilitate remediation of Regulatory Authority Prohibition and Improvement Notices (PIN) in the event of a serious breach or injury, and provide the strategic path forward to comply and/or lift the PIN.

Does the NSCA have legally qualified advisers?

The NSCA team includes members with legal backgrounds and can help however, in order to assure the legal information being provided is correct, the NSCA partner with Sparke Helmore Lawyers.

How can I be sure the advice provided is right for my business?

NSCA OHS/WHS experts work with you to determine the needs of your business, and any legal advice that our experts cannot consolidate will be referred to our legal partners Sparke Helmore Lawyers for confirmation.

Resourcing (OHS/WHS Outsource)

What is OHS/WHS Outsource?

OHS/WHS Outsource is the NSCA’s labour hire service. This service is designed to enhance the OHS/WHS function or provide temporary staffing solutions. This may be for when staffs are required for maternity leave, annual leave, special projects and the more.

Who should use NSCA Outsource?

Anyone who is recruiting or has a temporary gap in their OHS/WHS team should consider using the experts to assist. NSCA Outsource can fill the gap for both short or long-term and take away all the worry.

How do I know the person is right for my business?

The NSCA will not just place anyone in your business. After consultation to determine your needs and gain an understanding of your business NSCA experts will determine the skill base of the resource required and the culture of your business and a resource from our pool of available people or (if required) recruit for the role. We will identify one or more resource and allow you to meet with them before deciding if the person is right for you and your business. We will support you and that resource to make sure your objectives are being met.

How do I know the person is properly qualified?

The NSCA will verify their qualifications before you meet them. The NSCA does not want to place unqualified people in your business.

What if the person is not right?

If the person is not right or an incorrect fit for your business, the NSCA will work with you to replace the person as soon as possible. Having the right person in your business is our goal and a great deal of pre-placement work in collaboration with you is undertaken to ensure the person is the best available and for your business needs.

NSCA Foundation Partners

Who are the NSCA partners?

The NSCA partner with varying people and organisations to ensure we provide solutions to all OHS/WHS and risk management problems.

Why partner with the NSCA?

The NSCA has over 85 years experience in ensuring Australian workplaces are safe and protect their most important asset – people. With one of Australia’s most recognised and secure brands involvement with the NSCA provides prestige, recognition and commitment to safety. It offers our partners the opportunity to be exposed to the NSCA’s national and international members and customers. Contact us to become a NSCA Partner.

NSCA Foundation Membership

What types of membership are there?

There are two types of membership – Individual and Corporate.

Individual Membership is a personal membership not connected to a company. If a member changes organisation, the membership remains with the individual.

Corporate Membership includes:

Finally our exclusive Platinum Partner Program suits organisations wanting to work with the NSCA, leading industry, government and corporates in progressing WHS and risk management in Australia.

Is membership based annually or by calendar year (pro rata)?

Membership is based annually, ie. 12 months from the date you join.
You can join at any time during the year and your 12 months commences from payment date.

What are the benefits of membership?

What is the difference between subscribing to the magazine and joining as a member?

Subscribing to the National Safety Magazine only entitles the subscriber to the magazine including delivery. Whereas, joining as a NSCA member entitles the member to the member benefits and the magazine subscription.

How do I renew my membership?

The easiest way is to log in to the member portal and click renew membership. You can also upgrade your membership level through the member portal. Otherwise contact the membership department on 02 9213 6299 who can assist you in your renewal.

How do I update my details?

You will need to log in to the portal to update your details. Alternatively, you can contact NSCA directly on 1800 655 510 to do so.

How do I access my account?

You will need to log in to the portal to access your account details. Here you will have access to past training courses you have enrolled into, update your billing and postal address and more.

I have forgotten my password. How do I retrieve this?

You will need to log in to the portal to have a new password sent to you automatically.

How do I register for an NSCA event?

You will need to log in to the portal to register for any NSCA event including group bookings. Then add the event to the shopping cart. Most NSCA events including the state breakfasts are no charge to members.

How do I change my magazine delivery address?

You will need to log in to the portal to access your account details where you can update your billing and postal address.


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