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Manager to steer clear of workers

Bullying and Harassment
Manager to steer clear of workers

Manager to steer clear of workers

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has ordered that a manager not work in the same location as two workers to stop the bullying of the workers.

Two workers from the same company lodged separate stop bullying applications to the FWC in June. The FWC decided to hear the applications together.

The workers alleged the manager’s behaviour included belittling conduct; swearing, yelling and use of otherwise inappropriate language; daily interfering and undermining the applicants’ work; physical intimidation and “slamming” of objects on the applicants’ desks; attempts to incite the applicants to victimise other staff members; and threats of violence.

The FWC found that the manager had bullied the workers. Although the manager now works at a different location for a related business, she had been seconded back to the business where the bullying had taken place. But the two victims were off work on workers compensation.

The FWC has ordered that the two workers and the manager not approach each other and that they not attend each other’s business premises. Also, the manager only continues her secondment in the absence of one or both of the applicants being fit to resume work and the employer is responsible for ensuring the safe return to work of the workers.

The employer has also been ordered to establish and implement anti-bullying policies, procedures and training.

The orders remain in force for two years from 15 August.

The identities of all parties remain confidential.

For more details, visit the stop bullying order

Published on 13 August 2015 in the NSCA Foundation Safe-T-Bulletin enewsletter


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  • By Jon 27 Aug 2015

    I work as a 2IC in a restaurant situated in North Rocks, I was transferred to that store because my former area manager said that it need help on how and what to implement regarding company policy and procedures , he said that I’m the person for the job.After observing on how they operate, I slowly showed the proper way and the right way, after that the acting area manager on that store started to question me on my knowledge in regards to Labor cost , rostering and PRODUCTION I explain what I know and learnt on the topic but he insist that what I explain is incorrect with a degrading tone of voice, I called up our training manager and ask for confirmation in regards to the topic and she said that his explanation is incorrect and I’m correct. Ever since the situation got more intense ever time He talks to me, he always says that I am not doing anything to help out on that store,with( a smurk on his face) even said that he doesn’t trust me on running a one million dollar restaurant, . He talks down to me like I’m an idiot, which makes me feel really upset, on Wed 26 Aug I went to work 1 hr early cause I have some important task to be done, He was in store, He called me up then it start to interrogate me and the same thing happened , degrading my work ethics, and told me that I’m not performing well to help the store, He never accept any explanation good or bad, he just want his word to be the correct ones. I walked out cause it really made me really upset, I msg my higher manager on the matter but haven’t heard from him, I am feeling really upset and its affecting my health being( can’t sleep properly and having anxiety)
    Hope somebody could help me with my situation.

  • By Marie Tuahine 04 Sep 2015

    Hi Jon, is there a safety manager, staff or health and safety representative, human resources manager or union delegate you could speak with at work? Is there a bully policy or grievance procedure in place that you can access or check to see if your acting area manager is following properly? If none of these options are available to you, please consider contacting WorkCover NSW 13 10 50 customer centre to see if they can offer you advice or assistance. Also, have you seen your doctor about the effects on your health? Best wishes Jon.

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