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05 Dec 2013

Death toll climbs again

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Notifiable work-related fatalities have climbed to 23 in the latest monthly report from Safe Work Australia.

The July figures reveal that seven more people died in work-related incidents than in June.

In July, vehicle incidents figured prominently. Ten of the fatalities involved crashes on public roads, while one person was killed in a vehicle incident not on a public road.

Two pedestrians were also killed: one was hit by a vehicle on a public road and the other was hit by a vehicle not on a public road.

In other fatalities, two people were killed in each of the following incidents: trapped in machinery, hit by a falling object and hit by a moving object other than vehicle.

One person was also killed in each of the following incidents: electrocution, drowning, a fall from a height and being hit by an animal.

For more details, see the fatality figures.

Published on 5 December 2013 in NSCA Safe-T-Bulletin.


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