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Property Auditing

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Property Auditing

Property Risk and Compliance Management and Auditing

Asset owners and facility managers face the constant challenge of tracking changes in legislation, maintaining compliance, and providing key stakeholders with the knowledge that their asset is being managed diligently.

The effective management of risk and compliance issues impacts building owners, facility managers, tenants, employees, contractors and visitors operating within a complex and multi-tiered environment. The NSCA’s expert Property Risk and Compliance (PRC) team provides property owners, managers and interested stakeholders with the tools and knowledge to diligently mitigate their risk and achieve compliance, with a focus on the practical application of Work, Health and Safety (WHS) requirements.

Learn more about our training in Property Management and Auditing or contact us to arrange an Audit by a NSCA Property Management and Auditing Expert. Alternatively, call 1800 655 510 to speak with an NSCA Property Management expert.

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