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Risk Management is a term that has become increasingly being used in a world where effective risk management equates to a healthy, safe, viable and productive work environment.

The term “risk” is applied to the systematic identification, analysis and treatment of risks associated with any activity or process. The risk can be anything that may compromise or affect people, assets, and the environment, and the potential for a negative outcome to be realised.

The risks faced by organisations are many, and include exposure to workplace regulatory breaches due to non compliance through to injury, or an unexpected event or unpredictable natural disasters.

The NSCA encourages organisations to adopt effective and realistic risk management processes to systematically address their unique risk profile and pro-actively implement appropriate controls. The International Standard, ISO 31000 Risk Management, provides the framework for the management of risk. It is necessary for all organisations to make a make an evaluation of the risks they face and to implement risk control strategies in order to eliminate or reduce the level of risk as far as is reasonably practicable.

Key risk management criteria to be considered includes:

  • What is the risk profile of the organisation?
  • What are the risk controls?
  • Are risk management responsibilities communicated?
  • Have these risk controls been tested and audited?
  • Is one prepared for when things do go wrong?
  • Am I exposed or vulnerable to litigation?

Without effective risk control programs, the viability of organisations is threatened.

The establishment of a risk management strategy to required, as minimum, to address:

  • Work, health and safety risks;
  • Building compliance obligations;
  • Essential life safety systems;
  • Emergency preparedness; and
  • Environmental obligations

The above will reduce the probability of incidents occurring and potentially costly legal action. Risk management requires a formalised proactive approach to management and an engaged and informed workforce. This requires sound management and communication of responsibilities, and verification that risk controls are working effectively.

Once Risk management is embedded into an organisations culture and operations, due diligence can be said to be actively in place.

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