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WHS Consulting and Auditing

WHS Consulting & Auditing Solutions

The partnership with Greencap and NSCA can provide a range of work health and safety and risk management solutions to assist your organisation in achieving compliance to WHS/OHS, Certification and Quality programs.

Greencap’s Consulting and Auditing Solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Gap Analysis Audit
  • Desktop/Site Verification Audit
  • National Audit Tool (NAT) Audits for Self-Insured Organisations
  • Certification Audits
  • Second Party Audits
  • Legislative Compliance Audits
  • Property and Risk Compliance Audits
  • WHS Outsourcing
  • Risk Management Solutions

Contact Greencap via their website Greencap or phone 03 9890 8811

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