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28 Dead in One Month

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28 Dead in One Month

28 Dead in One Month

Another 28 people have died in work-related incidents this year, says the latest notifiable fatalities report from Safe Work Australia.

The deaths occurred in August and included 20 workers and eight bystanders.

Vehicle incidents continued to figure prominently in work-related fatalities, with 13 people dying in vehicle crashes on public roads.

In the other incidents, four people were hit by a falling object, three were hit by a moving object other than a vehicle, two were trapped in machinery, and the remaining six fatalities were due to different types of incidents, including an air crash.

Some industry sectors continue to figure more prominently in workplace deaths than others. Transport, postal and warehousing recorded seven fatalities, followed by construction (six fatalities); electricity, gas, water and waste services (five); agriculture, forestry and fishing (three); manufacturing (two); arts and recreation services (two); administrative and support services (two); and public administration and safety services (one).

For more details, visit the report

Published on 20 November 2014 in NSCA Safe-T-Bulletin.

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