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Death toll climbs

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Death toll climbs

Death toll climbs

Work-related incidents have claimed another 15 lives, including 12 male workers, two male bystanders, and one female bystander, according to the latest Safe Work Australia data.

A total of 87 people have been killed in work-related incidents in the first half of 2015, says the Notifiable Fatalities June 2015 Monthly Report.

Of the 15 incidents in June, three workers each died in vehicle incidents on a public road, vehicle accident in another context, and by being hit by a falling object. Two were killed in crushing incidents. Other individuals were killed due to falling from a height, an air crash, being trapped in machinery, and as a pedestrian hit by vehicle on a public road.

Six of these fatalities occurred in transport, postal and warehousing workplaces and five in agriculture, forestry and fishing. The other fatalities occurred in construction, manufacturing, and electricity, gas, water and waste services workplaces.

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