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A new chemical information service has been established to help the transition to a new global chemical classification system that will come into effect in Australia in January 2017.

The Hazardous Chemical Information System (HCIS) includes 4500 chemicals classified in accordance with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS).

On announcing the new service, Safe Work Australia said the adoption of the GHS in Australia will advance the internationally consistent classification and communication of chemical hazards information on chemical labels and Safety Data Sheets. The 3rd revised edition of the GHS is referred to in the model work health and safety laws.

However, Safe Work Australia issued the following warning to those using the database to identify chemicals: “Please be aware that HCIS is not a comprehensive database of all chemicals. It is the responsibility of the Australian manufacturer/importer to determine if their product is a hazardous chemical and if so, to correctly classify their product. If you are unsure about the classification of a chemical not included in this database you should contact your chemical supplier or the manufacturer/importer for more information.”

For more details, visit HCIS.


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